How To Make A Shotlist



This is your basic shotlist, which has 6 parts.

1. When you’ve completed a shot, put a checkmark or an X.

2. Shot Number

3. Shot quick description

4. Action description

5. Any notes you may have for the specific shot.

6. Write your scene number and date the shot list.



For the check-marking, I recommend you place an X, because check-marks may be overlooked or the box may be mistaken for being empty.

The template has 83 lines, but of course, you can expand it to your heart’s content. All you have to do to get more lines is to copy the entire row and columns, and just paste it in the next line.

For the Shot description, I use only five descriptions: Wide, Medium, CU for close up, 2Shot for a two-shot, and EST for establishing shot.

I prefer to put a bit of the dialog to remind me what the shot needs to be about, and what character does or says what. You can put any kind of description you’d like.

Always put what scene number the shot list is for, and date the shotlist. This is because you may not finish all of the shots for that day, and you will want to know when you shot it. Also, it’s good for record keeping purposes to know what day you shot what.

For notes, you can put specific notes for a certain shot, i.e, you can say this shot needs some computer graphics, you’ll need a dolly for this shot, you’ll need to finish the sound for this one, or this shot needs some green screen. You can put whatever you need to in the little note section.



We’re also including the UBER shot list that is in landscape mode, has more room for everything, action description and notes, and I’ve included two extra columns.

For the extra columns, you can specify their purpose to fit the job, for example you can use them:

  • To write down the time you shot
  • length of the shot
  • To keep track of how many takes you’ve done
  • If you liked a certain take for that shot
  • The specific page of that shot corresponding to the script

The possibilities are endlesssssss. Or you can just delete the extra columns and make more room for your notes, up to you.

You can download it here:


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    Cheers! Thanks for providing a great resource to the indie filmmaker.

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    Hey man, thanks for this. Downloaded and used the shit out of it! I have a shoot this weekend and it’s my first short film. I had hand written a shot list, having never done one. Surprisingly I was on the right track and your template made it easy to transfer. Thanks again. Deuces.

    • March 16, 2012

      You’re welcome. Send us your film once you’re done, man, would like to check it out. Deuces.

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    it get hard thinking up shots without a look at the locations.thanks though

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    Great resource guys. I’m definitely going to get a lot of use out of these for my video productions. I have a corporate shoot I’m putting together so this should help a lot. Thanks again!

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